Guide to Money Belts

If you’ve scanned our travel security page, you know how important money belts are. They protect your hard-to-replace items (money, passport, credit cards, etc) from thieves, and if, like me, you’re prone to losing things, from yourself too. But there are lots of different money belts out there. Luckily for you, I decided to write this guide to help you sort through the different kinds of money belts and pick the one that does what you need your money belt to do.

Belt Style or Pouch Style?

The first choice you have to make is between the two main kinds of money belts – belt style or pouch style.

Belt Style

Belt-style money belts are basically indistinguishable from a normal belt until you flip them around and look at the back. That’s where you’ll find a zipper that allows you to hide folded-up cash (but not much else).

Pouch Style

These are the type money belts most travelers pick. They basically consist of a small, thin pouch that holds cash, passport, credit cards, and anything else that’s hard to replace when you’re on the road. And, although this is what most travelers are talking about when they use the term “money belts,” they don’t always involve a belt.

My Recommendations for the Best Money Belts

Here are my picks for the best money belts in each of the various styles.

MicroFlex Mini Pouch (Best All-Around Pick)

This is a pouch-style money belt for the 21st century. It’s made of ultra-thin, breathable fabric, and it’s just exactly big enough to hold a passport, credit cards, and some emergency cash. And in this age of e-tickets and universally-accepted ATM cards, that’s all you’ll need.

Travelon Money Belt (Best Belt Style)

This has all you want from belt-style money belts; it looks like your basic black or brown belt, and it has a nice, big zippered compartment to hold all your cash. Voila.


Eagle Creek Silk Neck Pouch (Best Around-the-Neck)

Some people prefer to have their money belt slung around their neck instead of around their waist. Personally, I prefer the waist style, but if you’re more comfortable with the around-the-neck style, I’d recommend this one. The real standout thing about it is that the neck cord is made from super-soft silk, so it’ll stay comfortable on your skin.

Bra Stash (One for the Ladies)

As a guy, I don’t personally have any experience with this one, but I’ve been told that it’s comfortable and a good choice for stashing some cash in a location where you’ll notice if someone puts their hand.




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